Wedding favors are a nice way to show your wedding guests you are glad they came to celebrate with you and it gives them something they can take with them to remember your day.

But, buying already-made favors can be pricey. And there’s always more charm in a hand made gift. If you’re on a budget, and most of us are, here are five ideas for inexpensive, easy and cute homemade favors.


Everyone loves candy and though this favor will most likely be eaten, not taken home, there are a variety of ways to present candy to your guests so they will remember it. If you’ve got a little cash to spare, there are a lot of Web sites that will sell a variety of tins in different shapes and sizes that make very nice and very chic-looking containers for candy. You can tie a ribbon around them, or buy labels at an office supply store and write or print a message and stick it to the tin.

Another idea for wrapping candy is to buy a few yards of netting (like tulle, only cheaper) at a fabric store and cut it into squares, then wrap a few pieces of candy up in the netting and fasten it with a piece of ribbon. Also, there are places that will sell small bags made out of whatever you want (cellophane, cloth, etc.) and you can put the candy in the bags and attach a message on a sticker or a tie-on tag. Another money saver is to make your own candies by melting almond bark (in the baking aisle) and pouring it into candy molds (at the craft store or online).

Flower seeds or bulbs

This is a favor that can keep on giving for a long time. Package up wild flower seeds or bulbs for your favorite flower and give them as favors. Your guests can go home and plant the seeds or bulbs and remember your wedding each time they look at their flowers. Attach a short poem or quote with the theme of “growing love” or “blossoming future” or something like that.

Cookie cutters

You can send your guest on their way with a cute and useful favor. Buy small heart-shaped cookie cutters (or whatever shape you’d like) from an online retailer (try to buy bulk or wholesale) and attach a cookie recipe.

A photo

Find a photo of you and your spouse-to-be and make several color copies at a local copy shop or on your computer. Then, you can make a variety of things with the photos for your guests to take with them. Some ideas are magnets, buttons, an “autographed” print, key chains, or even t-shirts.

A wedding music CD

Give a favor that guests can enjoy on their way home. Make a music mix of love songs, including songs you’ll be playing at your ceremony. Then you can decorate CD sleeves or buy CD tins from an online retailer and attach a message to each one including a song list and a message from the bride and groom.