Tired of the same flowers seen at every wedding? With thought and planning, a couple can individualize their wedding by incorporating new unique wedding decor ideas.

Face it – flowers are a universal part of planning decorations for a wedding. However, with the high cost of florists and the waste of fresh-cut flowers the day after the big event, couples can let their personalities shine by choosing centerpieces or decor that may be special to them. As a bonus, many of the alternative decorations listed below are either environmentally friendly or can continue to be used after the big day.

Edible Wedding Decorations

1. Fruit and Vegetables

Artfully arranged in a glass bowl, the bright hues of fresh fruit/vegetables can add a splash of color and fun to any table. As a complimenting decor, bunches of leaves or even potted trees can be put around the room. For a spring/summer wedding, use bananas or oranges with elephant ear plant leaves, and for fall weddings, use pumpkins and gourds and fall foliage.

2. Berries

As a complement to tables, bright berries couldn’t be better. Take a vine with berries, wind it inside a tall glass cylinder, and boom! Beautiful, unique centerpieces. As a decor, take additional vines and place them around the room.

3. Herbs and Teas

For a scent bonus, herbs and teas can’t be beaten. Sprinkle some around a candle, or arranged sachets of them in the center, then offer them to guests as an unusual favor.

4. Candy

Many couples chose to have a candy bar at their reception and offer take-home bags as favors. Rather than the expense and trouble of a separate candy bar, place a glass bowl full of candy in the center of the table, then surround it with small bags or boxes for your guests to take home. To make it really special? Get the take-home bags printed with names and dates.

Non-edible Wedding Decorations

1. Candles

Nothing says romance like candlelight. Float votive candles in a bowl of water, place several candles in a beautiful arrangement, or get fat pillar candles in matching color schemes. The sky is the limit.

2. Pine cones and greens

For a winter wedding, bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with arrangements of pine cones surrounded by greens, which can also be used as wall decorations.

3. Sand, Shells, and Rocks

Nothing says outdoors like natural decorations. Make them special by collecting them yourselves.

4. Photos

Give guests a laugh by putting old family and friend photos in antique frames in the center of the table. One tip – it is possible that guests will take these, so make copies of the photos and put these in the frames.

5. Something special to the couple

Do the bride and groom like to read? Arrange books as the centerpiece for a cheeky nod to the couple. Do they enjoy art? Put decorated pots in the center. Movies? Decorate each table with a theme relating to a movie, and put the movie title on the escort cards.

A wedding is the celebration of the start of a couple’s life together. While tradition will always be a part of a wedding, add an individual touch by selecting personalized decor.