There are many beautiful ways to decorate your wedding aisle. How you do it will depend on your style, tastes and budget, and the following are ideas you can consider.


A lot of people choose to decorate their wedding aisle with flowers. This can be very beautiful and very traditional. You can have pillars and then have vases on the pillars.

Alternatively you can have very long vases and just have them on the floor. In order to save money, a lot of people will have the same flowers that they are going to use on the tables during the reception grace the aisle as they walk down. The types of flower arrangements you can have are practically limitless.

You can have the popular favorite of roses or have bunches of colorful wildflowers. You can have sweet-smelling lilies or vibrant orchids. You can also have it go along with the bouquets that you and your bridesmaids are carrying. You also might want to tie the color in to the colors that you have chosen for your wedding.

Aisle runner

A lot of people like to have an aisle runner going down for them to walk on. Some people choose to have this red like they are Hollywood movie stars on the red carpet arrival. Others will choose pure white or some color to go along with their theme.

You can have some sort of pretty print on it such as a floral pattern. Another nice idea is to have the initials or names of the couple on the aisle runner near the beginning or the end. This personalization can make it truly special.

Flower petals

It can be very sweet to have flower petals strewn on the floor as you walk down the wedding aisle towards your love. You can have a single color such as red or pink. You can also just have a variety of colors, which can be very beautiful as well. You can put just a few or a lot and decide whether you want it all over the runner/floor or just on the sides. The flower girls can place these petals down as they walk down the aisle before you if you like.


A lot of people choose to have ribbons or chiffons on the chairs next to the wedding aisle. You will have many choices of ribbons and this can make a beautiful border to your aisle.

There are many lovely ways to decorate a wedding aisle. Consider the above ideas when making your plans.