So you are considering a destination wedding to celebrate your momentous occasion? There are several places that make the top of the list for the hottest places to plan a destination wedding. All of the following destinations are filled with romance, fun, and excitement.

Some are packed with adventure whereas others create such a relaxing environment that you and your new spouse will feel as though you are the only two people in the world. Regardless of what you are looking for; these destination wedding hot spots are sure to make your wedding truly the best day of your life.

Chateau de Bagnols Paris, France

Paris is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. What better place to celebrate your decision to become husband and wife than Paris? One of the best places for a Parisian destination wedding is Chateau de Bagnols. It is known for its fairytale atmosphere and 18th century décor. The views are absolutely breathtaking. They offer a wedding and honeymoon package that is attentive and simple yet filled with amazing romance. They practically take the stress of planning away so you and your beloved can focus more on enjoying each other.

Castle Weddings Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has several castles to choose from that offer all-inclusive packages for those looking to tie the knot in the Czech Republic. Whether you are looking to host a large wedding celebration or simply looking for a wedding getaway alone or with your closest friends and family, Prague is definitely the place to consider. Elegance and history is etched across the country side and the hardest decision to make when choosing your destination wedding is which castle to choose in Prague.

An upside to Americans getting married in Prague is the wedding cost. Excluding air fare, it is cheaper to get married than in the United States without sacrificing style and romance. However, be sure to look at what the Czech Republic requires for non-resident couples to get married before booking any venues or flights.

Seaside Weddings Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you are looking for a destination wedding by the seaside that has the most enchanting views, consider getting married along the Amalfi Coast community in Southern Italy. Whether you are looking for private villas, luxury hotels, or seaside venues, the Amalfi Coast has a wide variety to choose from. Speaking of variety, the Amalfi Coast has plenty of venues that cater to various Christian denominations as well as civil wedding ceremonies.

One of the best companies to use for planning your destination wedding in this area of Italy is Italian Wedding Designer. They will do most of the work in planning the wedding for you. All you have to do is show up with your betrothed and enjoy yourselves.

Cabo Azul Resort Los Cabos, Mexico

When it comes to having a destination wedding in Mexico, it is a no-brainer to have it at Cabo Azul Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. Think you’re giving up choices by choosing this venue? Think again. There are several sites to choose from for both the wedding and the reception. You will also be assigned a wedding coordinator to make planning and the special day hassle free. They can help plan an extravagant, over the top wedding or a simple, intimate ceremony. The choice is still yours but the stress of planning is on them. The staff is amazingly courteous and attentive. Of course with a wonder staff, amazing views, and romance, the hardest thing will be leaving this resort.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Looking for a tropical isle retreat? Consider having your destination wedding at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora. This is especially perfect for those looking for stress free planning. The Four Seasons Resort has three wedding packages to choose from that already has all the details planned out. However, they are happy to accommodate a couple who would prefer to plan their own personalized wedding details.

Once you are in the honeymoon phase, the Four Seasons Resorts has special perks for newlyweds. There are also several romantic activities schedule throughout the resort for those who may not want to stay in the entire honeymoon.

Taveuni Island Resort in Fiji

Fiji is a wonderful place for a honeymoon in 2011, so why not have a destination wedding there as well. If you are looking for a tranquil location to have the most romantic wedding and honeymoon, Tavenuni Island Resort is a great place to consider in your destination wedding search.

They offer not only breathtaking views, but also three wedding packages which will help with planning the special event. All packages include amazing choices which will pamper both the bride and the groom such as a 30 to 60 minute massage, prepared romantic picnic, and a warrior escort for the bride. All of the packages offer the wedding ceremony and reception in a calm inviting atmosphere.