If the weather is going to be warm, you may be planning an outdoor wedding. Many people think that you can’t decorate as well or have an elegant outdoor wedding without spending lots of money.

Well they are so wrong. There are so many things that you can do yourself to make a beautiful outdoor wedding, even if it is in someones back yard. Also, you can do it all at a reasonable cost, there is no wedding planner needed.

When you have your chairs set up, and the area you are going to be wed already into place, you may be wondering how you can have a dramatic entrance. Try placing an arbor and a panel of fencing on each side.

This can all be done for around a hundred dollars, and it looks great. If you have a white arbor with a panel of white picket fencing on each side, it gives everyone a place to walk through to be seated. Then they aren’t floating around. You can decorate the arbor with tool or flowers or anything that you want.

You can use the arbor even if there is already a path for you to walk down. After the wedding you can use that arbor in your garden at home as a memory from the special day.

If your outdoor reception is going to be lighted by large outdoor lights, you are going to want to add more to create a more whimsical affect. Try putting pillars around the dance floor, and then wrapping twinkle lights in tool, and draping them in between the pillars.

This will illuminate the dance floor, which is normally the main focal point of the evening. You can even do this across the table for the wedding party. If your wedding is going to be in the evening, you can also put twinkle lights or rope lighting down the isle. This not only looks good but can also help people see.

When it comes to creating centerpieces for your outdoor wedding, make sure that you use something that cannot be lifted of the table by wind. You don’t want them ruined or all over the place, and you want them to be able to help keep the table cloth down.

You can also try pinning or stapling the table cloth if the wind gets to powerful. You also don’t want a lot of hanging decorations if it may be windy. Stick to flower pots and heavy vases.

Having an outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be costly, you can do many things for a reasonable price. Make sure that you are being practical and are prepared for what nature may throw your way, you don’t want anything ruining your special day.