Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. It is easy to lose track of expenses over the little things compared to big ticket items. The little things add up and can cause a huge dent on your budget. It is wise to be aware of these weddings costs before ending up in debt over seemingly trivial things.


Transportation costs will add up to a substantial amount when you are caught unaware. We are not talking limousine and coaster services for the couple and the guests. That is already factored in the budget. The transportation we are referring to here is the cost of getting to one place to another while doing all the wedding planning. Meetings with caterers, planners and family require bus fares, taxi fared and gas expenditures. It is not even unusual to take out-of-town trips to check out specialty shops that can provide some of your wedding needs.


The cost of tipping may be a negligible amount when you have only one working staff. However, weddings require assistance from the hairdresser, waiters and chauffeurs, to name a few. Some of these people even need to be paid overtime when the partying drags on for several hours.


Taxes are often not included in the budgeting. We all know we need to pay them but the amount is not often put into consideration until the bills arrive. Depending on how much are the taxes on your area, the amount is still quite substantial.


With the number of guests and the weight of the invitations, postage rates will be more expensive than the usual. The shipping cost of items that are ordered outside your area needs to be included in your budget. After the wedding, there are still thank-you cards you need to send, too.

Snacks and Dinners

Planning for the wedding requires coordination with family and friends. Usually, this involves meet-ups in cafes and restaurants. It is polite to offer food as these meetings may last for more than an hour. Besides, these are people you need your help and their service is for free so it is just right that you feed them right.

Dermatology and dental fees

Preparing one’s appearance on your wedding day is imperative to look your best. A visit to the dermatologist and your dentist is only logical. The cost of professional fees and the prescription may cost a lot. Sometimes health insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures.

Church fees

Church fees may be collected from you. Apart from that, some churches may charge more if you want to have a soloist or a choir to provide music as you walk down the aisle.


The reception that follows is more memorable where there is entertainment. Hiring a band or a disc jockey is often forgotten in the budgeting process. Be prepared to allot some amount for such expenditures.


Photobooks are new concepts in capturing memories. The advent of digital technologies allows us with a variety of products to choose from. Having a really good souvenir book is a nice memento to this wonderful event.

Little things

It may be mints to freshen the breath. It may be hairpins to tuck the hair in place. It may be a safety pin to fasten small rips. Be prepared for these things so carry with you loose change should you need to buy them. Better yet buy these things ahead of time. You’ll never know what quick fixes you need. Allot an extra amount for breakage or items lost that need replacement.

It is easy to exceed one’s budget if one is unaware of the simple things that can add up to a significant amount. Having the control over these hidden costs lessens the occurrence of surprises and unexpected expenses.