Wedding traditions are the ways our ancestors did certain things at their weddings. We are keeping those traditions alive by doing them as well in our ceremonies. There are so many traditions we do, we probably don’t know how they were started or where they came from.

Traditions have their purpose. Every culture has their own traditions. Having your father walk you down the aisle, to the old saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” is traditions that couples use over and over again. This saying is actually Victorian. It is believed to bring the bride good luck.

Everybody here in North America loves following traditions, too. They do things like decorating the cars of the bride and groom. Or they do the tradition of tying cans behind cars, which are rattling while the couple drives off. This tradition originally was started as a method of keeping away evil spirits of the newly married couple.

Flowers are traditions that were from many years ago. They are so decorative during the wedding ceremonies and actually symbolize fertility and a new life. All flowers have specific meanings. Some flowers that are chosen for weddings are actually chosen because of their meaning, not just because they are someone’s favorite.

White wedding dresses first became popular in the Victorian era with Queen Victoria. The trend caught on quickly and spread throughout the world. White resembles innocence and sexual purity. Now, it is often a cream color or white dress that the bride chooses. It is just a matter of preference.

Colorful themes are often used here in North America for weddings. Bridesmaids are usually dressed in pastels or other colors so they do not take away from the bride’s appearance. Bridesmaids originally had colorful dresses to keep evil spirits away from the bride. This truly made the day a wonderful event for the bride and gave her good feelings.

Of course you know all contracts in ancient Rome were sealed with kisses. That is where the tradition of kissing the bride at the end of the ceremony comes from. Marriage is a contract after all, right?

Today, there are many ideas that couples have that are far different from their ancestors that may turn into traditions as well. Some dance down the aisles, and some wear camouflage outfits and are in the swamps.

It is up to the individual how they want to share their day of heavenly bliss. However, there are still wedding traditions that will always be used. Wedding traditions have meanings that will always be true to our hearts, and they will be what you decide, to make your day a very memorable event.