This is your wedding! Remember that when it’s time to choose your wedding date.

As soon as you begin trying to please everybody, from his Aunt Betsy to your best girlfriend from your college days, things will start to heat up! Of course, as much as you would adore having everyone on your wedding guest list in attendance, it’s probably not going to happen. Especially if the guest list is of any significant size at all.

Having said that, how does a couple choose a date for their wedding, possibly the most memorable day of their entire lives?

Tips to Choose Your Wedding Date

how to choose a wedding date

The first consideration for the two of you is TIMING:

Time To Plan Your Wedding

Depending on the size and complexity of your wedding, you will need to allow 6-8 months (typically) to make and carry out these plans. As much as a year may be required for more extravagant weddings and for any reception that is to be held at a venue typically booked far in advance of the date of your special day.

Time Of Year

The weather that will most probably occur and that which, improbably (but possibly) may occur. For instance, if you live in Florida and you want a summer wedding (in spite of the high risk of hurricanes), you will have to have a backup plan. A Florida couple found out that September was not the best month for a beachfront wedding when an uninvited guest showed up early. The name of the guest? Frances!

The second consideration, and possibly the most romantic one, is personal PREFERENCE:

Reconstruct A Memory

Perhaps, the two of you made special memories during a season that you recall as being particularly romantic. For instance, you met while on a skiing trip to the Rockies in the month of February. If you live in New England, an intimate white-on-white wedding at a cozy inn complete with roaring fire may be just the way to recapture some of that special charm!

On the other hand, if you both grew up in the deep south (and still reside there), you may choose a late spring day for your wedding and book a beautiful antebellum bed-and-breakfast for your reception party!

Illustrate A Fantasy

You may love a season for no other reason than you love it! It’s beautiful! It’s lovely! Choose your favorite season, if you have one, and simply celebrate it along with your love. The seasons are each truly wonderful in their own way. Autumn is gorgeous in certain geographic locales and much more temperate than either winter or summer, for that matter.

Let your imagination run wild with color and theme in regards to the timing of your wedding. Be original and have fun. Step out of the traditional nuptial box! And, don’t worry so much about who can and can’t make it to the wedding day!

Except for your baby brother on leave from Afghanistan – of course, you’ll move heaven and earth to have him there!