If you ask a bride what a wedding should be she will probably say something along the lines of flawless and memorable. Should you ask the groom, however, he might very well suggest that it should be a happening party. Now, neither counterpart is wrong in their suggestions as a wedding can certainly be both. A bumping shindig will not reduce the romance and a little smooching won’t inhibit the festivities. This is nevertheless a celebration of your undying love.

While a bride may come to the conclusion that this is her big day it is very important that the future husbands input is always considered and put to use. It is his day, as much as it is hers and should it be mentioned that without him this wedding would not manifest.

Let’s Start With A List

Get out your pen and paper and with your fiancs help scroll out your image of a perfect wedding. You may be tempted to find a wedding planner which will definitely ease the stress but make sure not to cave over things you are set to have.

Stick To What You Love

A friend once suggested that compiling a scrapbook is the best way to get what you want. When Aunt Gertrude tries to enforce her views of a properly seated table at your untraditional wedding you can always point to your scrap book and say does it look like this, if it doesn’t look like this it’s not right for my wedding.

Although, you may be tempted to shut down any idea that comes from the mouth of a relative please hesitate. Family suggestions help personalize a wedding. A wedding is the junction of two families. It is as special for your mom as it is to his, it is as important to your aunt as it is to your sister and it is as meaningful to his grandma as it is to your cousin. Let everyone give a little input just filter out the junk. Don’t go putting fake flowers on every table. However, small things like roses in your bouquet may really add to the look.

Keeping friends, family and especially your fiance involved will definitely make your wedding guest friendly and unforgettable. A seamless wedding might always be remembered but it may not be memorable for your guests. There is always that possibility that your wedding will be referred as torturous, futile and overwhelming over tremendous, fun and outstanding.

When as a guest you are ordered to your seat to listen to speeches and watch a slide show for two gruelling hours without a drink in hand you yourself would vow to make your wedding as exciting an event as achievable. After a wedding we attended we decided to have our slideshow as a back drop to the dance floor you may decide to do this as well.

There are many tasks that your hubby-to-be can do to keep him involved. Have him plan the honeymoon and keep it a secreta surprise can be quite enticing. The way he dresses on the big day should be his decision and his alone. Should he want a tie with a hula girl graphic or scull and bones cufflinks it’s not worth an argument. These little things won’t be spotted when his suit is buttoned up and he is posing in pictures. If he is happy you should be too. As well, let him select the boutonnires from an array of examples that you like.

For the most part play list should be up to him; have him plan it out and submit it to you for input. You go wrong with most music genres. However, tell him to steer clear of death metal and Emo bands while some guest may really appreciate artists of these sorts most grandparents will not. A good rule of thumb is to edit out any song with swear words, depressing lyrics or sexual innuendo. These guidelines may seem to rule out a lot of your fiancs favourites but tell him not to be dismayed as most of histories greats are still included such as Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, James Brown and many more.

Steer clear of any colours or themes that he disagrees with. Even though colours and themes can be one of the easiest ways to individualize a wedding if your man absolutely hates it, some of the day’s excitement for him will be lessened. We tactfully agreed on a classy Mexican weddingno piatas, no enchiladas just a taste of Cozumel where we got engaged.

Don’t be afraid to have a buffet dinner. Sit down dinners can be very expensive and the best part of the wedding next to the company is being well fed. A buffet can be both cost effective and allow you to choose many of yours and your soon to be spouse’s favourite dishesif you want it to be extra special throw in a loved one’s signature dish. Our table had tequila soaked watermelon and boozy cupcakes which were a hit. The guests were both surprised and delighted with the unusual spread.

Another way to make your wedding yours is by pre-ceremony activities. We did tea time for the women to attend and tee time for the men. However, you can do whatever is important to you. If you like to fish have your wedding at a fishing resort and go out in the boats for the morning.

This brings me to the next thing that makes a wedding unique. It is all about the location. The location that you choose should be special to you. It is not crucial to spend loads of money on that country or yacht club in your city. A barn, historical site or a family cabin will personalize your wedding for you and when you walk down that aisle a tree or a bench may spark an old feeling or memory from when you and your husband met.

There are many other ways to make your wedding unique without calling in a circus elephant and spending the big bucks. The complimentary drinks should be your choice. Favours should be something you would want to take home not candy that makes its way to the bottom of your bag. Use your imagination with your centre pieces as well.

Wine bottles stuffed with cut up houseplants cost a quarter of the price and looked fabulous and tropical or a pyramid of lemons, a pail of apples, or a bowl of fish would also look great. Be creative, put a spin on things and surprise your guest.

Lastly, the most amusing way to put your stamp on your big day is to hire a photographer that incorporates your style. Whether you like black and whites or the distorted look of a fisheye lense a good photographer will work around your preferences.

Another idea is to set up a photo booth within the entrance of the reception hall. Pick out some props that make you laugh and look forward to the pictures you will get to see in the end. We did this and as thank you cards we plan to make a postcard for each of the guests of themselves. Have fun with the planning and avoid traditional as it tends to get a little stuffy for guests.