You’ve agonized over every little detail from matching the color of the napkins to the bridesmaid’s dresses to ensuring the best man isn’t going to say anything too embarrassing in his speech.

So nothing can go wrong, right? It really depends on your attitude towards your wedding day, as with most weddings the chances are something small will go wrong. So here are some tips on not only surviving those wedding dramas, but making your day the most wonderful of your life!

1) First think of the absolute worst possible things that could happen – I dare you to! Hmmm, the groom doesn’t show up? You end up with Gastro? The Church burns down? I’m sure there are many more potential catastrophes you can dream up that are even worse!

So when something does happen, and believe me something will. Just think ‘Is it really such a catastrophe that the flower girl’s posy is made from pink roses when they should be white?’ No, it’s not! The flower girl hasn’t been hit by a bus and she’s still here with you giggling her way up the aisle!

I don’t mean to frighten any brides to be, but even the best of us can become bridezilla and it can help to think about where your crisis lies on the catastrophe scale.

2) Stay realistic and don’t expect the impossible. If your bridesmaids all hated each other before your wedding day it would be great if they can pull together and get along on your big day, but its unlikely to happen.

Just don’t let it be YOUR problem. The same goes for any other dysfunctional relationships, bad habits, eternally bad dressers and people who usually let you down.

Unfortunately they may try to behave or improve themselves for your day, but something about weddings often makes bad behavior worse! If you’re lucky any of these problems will be hidden from your attention by your faithful bridesmaids, husband to be or your Mum. If not, do your best to ignore them or risk ruining your day.

3)Remember that your wedding day is just that ‘one day’ of the rest of your lives as a married couple. Live for the moment on your day, enjoy it as much as you can and make sure you take some time out at some point to just sit and reflect on how lucky you are.

You’ve done all of the planning ahead of time and the important things should run like clockwork. If they don’t then that is what your bridesmaids, the groomsmen and your parents are for – so make sure you let them know beforehand that any dramas should be handled by them and preferably without even worrying you!