A big wedding is always a fabulous affair. Everything is perfect, there are bridesmaids, choir boys, flowers everywhere, cars to take people where they need to be and a fantastic reception with a full sit-down dinner followed by a live band.

But what cost does this come at?

The financial cost is one thing, but you also invest a lot of time and effort into planning a big wedding. Even with a wedding planner, it can take months to organize the perfect big wedding.

The good things about a big wedding are:

you can have the wedding you always wanted you can invite everyone you know you really feel like a princess for the day it’s the one day you can throw caution to the wind and spend as much as you like the photos and video will be gorgeous and the memories will last a lifetime you’ll never have a party like it again

The bad things about a big wedding are:

the stress the amount of time it takes to organize it the money it costs and the time it takes to pay that back it is less intimate than a small wedding

In my opinion, a girl should have the wedding she dreams of, and this depends on their personality.

Some people just love to be the center of attention, and will really enjoy walking down the aisle in a dress to die for and living like a queen for a day.

A quieter girl will like to take more time talking to her guests, and taking in the fact of her marriage.

The other way to look at the cost of a wedding day is to think about what else you could do with the money. You might spend $5,000 – $50,000 on a big wedding. How else would you like to spend this money? A car? A holiday?

If you can afford a big wedding, and won’t be worried about the cost all the time, then you should have it. Don’t be swayed by popular opinion. It is your big day, and you should have it how you want it. Hire a band! Deck the marquee with real roses! Ride to the church on a white pony! You only have once chance to do this how you want, so take it.

If you can’t afford a big wedding, or you choose to have a smaller one, then do just that. Keep the wedding party small, and the reception quiet and chic. Go away on your honeymoon knowing that you paid for your big day, took your time relaxing in the days before, and sailed through the simple ceremony with time to spare.

The cost of a big wedding is more than just money, it’s the stressfulness of it all that turns most brides off the idea. If you thrive on this, go for it and organize it down to the last detail. If this isn’t your thing, stick to something smaller and spare yourself the hassle – spend the money on something else instead!

Good luck!