Planning a beach wedding may seem like an easy task at first, but couples have to consider specific obstacles when planning an island style wedding.

A couple who is planning a wedding on the beach may think about the beautiful white sand, the sound of the waves breaking in the background, and the crisp scent of the ocean. But they also need to consider the possibility of a sudden downpour, strangers in their skimpy bathing suits, and sunburned guests.

A beach wedding can be elegant and magical if all possible obstacles are accounted for during the planning process. Here are ten tips to make sure the beach wedding of one’s dreams come true.

1. Hire a wedding planner. If possible, couples who are planning a wedding in the sand should consider hiring help. An event planner will help select the venue and local vendors. If the couple is having a destination wedding the wedding planner could greet the guests at the airport, help guests with specific requests such as finding a babysitter, and keep guests busy with activities.

2. Know the site. Research the site to find out if it’s a public or private beach, if a permit is required to get married on the beach, if guests can reach the site easily, and if there are restrictions about what can be brought onto the beach.

3. Check the weather. Try to plan the wedding around hurricane season and rainy seasons for the specific location. Some locations are really hot or humid during parts of the year. Take these things into consideration.

4. Do a test run. The couple and the wedding planner should go to the location during the time of day that they plan on getting married. Make sure elderly guests will be able to get to the ceremony site and don’t expect them to be able to walk half a mile down the beach to get there.

5. Get married right before sunset. The best time to get married on the beach is about one hour before sunset. This is prime time for gorgeous pictures and many sunbathers will have packed up for the day. Also, guests will appreciate that they don’t have to sit in the sun during the hottest part of the day.

6. Pick local vendors carefully. Make sure that the local vendors have experience with beach weddings. Ask the local vendors for three references and ask trusted vendors for recommendations for other vendors. If the couple knows the catering company is trustworthy, they can ask for recommendations for rental companies, DJs, and bakeries.

7. Let the guests know that the wedding ceremony will take place on the beach. This will ensure that the guests can come prepared.

8. Take care of the wedding guests. Put a basket somewhere visible that contains necessary items to keep guests comfortable such as sunscreen, bug spray, flip flops, umbrellas, hats, and wraps. Consider having a shoe check where guests can give their shoes to an attendant and receive flip flops.

9. Have a Back-up Plan. Any couple planning an outdoor wedding needs to have a back-up plan. If it rains, there needs to be another location to have the wedding or flexibility to push the time back a couple hours to see if the rain will subside.

10. Dress comfortably. The bride and groom should dress for a beach wedding, so they aren’t miserable during the ceremony.

Follow the tips above to plan a beach wedding that wedding guests will never forget.