Your wedding dress will not be the only item that you wear during your wedding. You may want to wear a lot of different accessories to complete your look. These can provide both a cosmetic function and a practical one. Try the following accessories.


A purse can be both attractive and practical. They make many purses that are specifically made to go with wedding dresses. They may be very small and made of a material that is the same as your wedding dress, such as chiffon or satin. They also can have embellishments that match your wedding dress. This can hold the essential items like makeup, medication and a mirror.


Some women like to carry an umbrella during their wedding. Of course, this is not going to be a utilitarian black umbrella. Often it is a white lacy affair. This can be good if you are having a wedding in the hot sun and want to keep yourself cool. You can use it during, before or after the wedding.


Some women like to wear a shawl during the wedding. You may need it for the religious ceremony to cover up your shoulders. You might just like how it looks with your dress. It could be something that you wear for part of the day. It might also go with a specific look, such as if you want a fluffy shawl for a winter wedding.


Many women decide to wear belts with their wedding dresses. Belts can add some pizzazz to an otherwise plain dress. For instance, many of the belts have embellishments like crystals. It can also give a dress a different shape or help accentuate a good feature on you. These are sold at bridal stores, or you can make your own.

Unique hair accessories

You do not need to go with the traditional veil for your wedding if you want something more unique. For instance, many women choose to wear a hat during their wedding. This can be very pretty and may even go with a theme, such as a cowboy hat. Some women like a fascinator or a birdcage veil for something more sophisticated or unique. You can also get hair accessories that have actual fresh flowers in them for something different and very natural.

There are many beautiful accessories that can improve your wedding day look. Consider the above items for your special day.